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MountainBoomer Music formed in 2000 to provide custom MIDI files for use as backing tracks in live performances and for home entertainment. We have been producing MIDI sequences since 1993 for our personal enjoyment.  Now we offer the same care, quality, and attention to detail to you, our customer.


What We Offer

Mountain Boomer is in the business of making custom MIDI files. Do you:

  • perform original songs at your local bar/nightclub/coffeehouse?

  • direct or perform in a band and need a "demo" made from a musical score, or an arrangement made from a "work-in-progress," so your musicians can hear how the song sounds to assist in learning the piece?

  • need a short original music clip or MIDI form of your "jingle" for your corporate or personal website?

  • want a MIDI file that sounds similar to a popular song but don't want to pay to use the actual song? (Background music for websites, trade shows, etc)


If you answered YES to any of these questions, Mountain Boomer can help. Here's how it works:


1. We produce MIDI files by listening to the original audio recording or inputting the various tracks from sheet music. Our files will sound as close to the original recording as possible using General MIDI standards. Sheet music will be exactly as it is printed.  If you prefer to have us add extra "parts" or arrange a piece, we can do that too.

2. We need a copy of the original piece to use in producing the MIDI sequence.  We can accept the following formats:

- sheet music, by mail, or electronically in scanned .gif, .jpg, or .pdf format.

- .wav, .mp3, RealAudio, or other electronic formats 

- the original song on CD (will not be returned).

- for requests for original songs to be created by Mountain Boomer; i.e. ideas for a short "jingle" for your website, you can submit your rough ideas by requesting a specific style (techno, R+B, Polynesian, you name it!), or sending an audio file or cassette with your ideas (strummed on guitar, pounded out on piano, hummed, or whistled!) to us.

What you will get:

  • a copy of the sequence, in General MIDI, in your choice of one or more of the following formats:

  • .mid file (please specify Type 0 or Type 1) emailed to you

  • .wav, .mp3, or RealAudio sound file emailed to you