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1.  By accepting products/services from Mountain Boomer Music, you agree to be bound by the terms listed below (they're fairly non-threatening and written in plain English).
2.  We will not produce a MIDI file or any fixed-format (CD, tape, etc) version of a musical piece without express written authorization from the original artist(s), or  proof of license from the relevant royalty-collection agencies (e.g. Harry Fox Agency) as applicable.  If YOU wrote the piece and haven't registered it with anyone yet, a) your songs can be produced by Mountain Boomer, but b) they can also be produced (and reproduced) by anyone else--ripping you off!
3.  On a similar note, most MIDI files (as well as MP3s and any other format) of popular songs currently available on the Internet are ILLEGAL copies of these songs, with the original artist(s) receiving NO COMPENSATION for their hard work.  Help these artists continue to produce entertainment for us all, and refrain from downloading these pirated songs!  Someday you could be famous too, but fame alone doesn't pay the rent!
4.  Files produced by Mountain Boomer are designed for private use (practice sessions) and public PERFORMANCES.  Copies can be made for these purposes, up to the limit of the license you secured for mechanical reproduction either by written permission from the original artist(s) or relevant royalty-collection agency.  Incorporation of all or part of a Mountain Boomer-produced song or song file (original work) into any product for commercial use (for example, CDs for sale) can be coordinated by contacting us.  Unauthorized reproduction for commercial purposes constitutes violation of the terms of this agreement and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
5.  Mountain Boomer Music assumes no responsibility for damage to any hardware or software pursuant to use of our products (of course, no damage is intended, and is extremely unlikely, but we gotta cover this anyway!).