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MIDI Sequence of Existing Song

$50 U.S. per song.  NOTE:  This assumes permission is granted to sequence the song if it is a copyrighted work.  We will not produce a MIDI file for which we do not have proof of such permission.  The easiest way to do this:

1.  Visit and find the song you wish us to sequence.  Harry Fox Agency (HFA; owner of SongFile) manages mechanical licensing for most popular songs.

2.  Contact us with the name of the song and the artist.  We will respond with approval (i.e. if we can physically sequence the song--some songs, such as most rap, do not "translate" well into MIDI form).

3.  YOU must secure the license from SongFile--this will allow us to produce and provide to you the requested MIDI.  You will need to create an account on the HFA site--not too hard to do. After that, it can be a little more tricky to navigate the licensing process--HFA doesn't address MIDI files explicitly on their site.  To best meet the intent of the licensing process and guarantee royalties will reach the original artist, most of our clients secure a mechanical license for a "permanent digital download," for the minimum 25 copies HFA will license. As of 2014, this will cost roughly $18 US, depending on the length of the song (the majority of this price is a $16 processing fee). When checking out on the HFA site, it will ask you for the name of the artist performing the "new recording"--use "Mountain Boomer Music." Note that the licensing fee is separate from the sequencing fee Mountain Boomer Music chargesMountain Boomer Music reserves 1 of these copies for its use, meaning you can make up to 24 copies of the file on your own, to do with as you wish.

4.  Email us confirmation of the license.  We will then send the MIDI file.

It is also possible to contact the music publisher directly to obtain permission--this works well if the song is not available through SongFile/HFA.

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Original ("We Make It from Scratch") MIDI Work (Jingle, Web Site Music, etc)

50 cents U.S. per second, multiplied by number of tracks in the sequence.
Example: You want a 10-second song for your Web Site, to include trumpets, drums, guitar, and saxophone.
.50 x 10 seconds=$5 U.S.
$5 x 4 tracks=$20 U.S.
Mountain Boomer retains the original copyright to all original MIDI work.

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Compare Our Rates

By all means, compare our rates with those of other MIDI sequencers.  A search on the Internet should turn up several.

Why are we so cheap? First off, like many of you out there, we have "day jobs"--we do not rely on Mountain Boomer as our sole source of income. We make MIDI files because we have a knack for it and we enjoy doing it. It comes down to economics--many of us simply do not have the resources to spend much on custom MIDI work. We as musicians want to help you as musicians without breaking your budget. We can produce MIDI files so cheaply because we have low overhead.

Why are we so expensive? If you've done the suggested comparison shopping, you'll find we are the cheapest custom-MIDI company around.  Most songs take many hours to complete, so we're making about minimum wage. Now read the "Why are we so cheap" section again!

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