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Information Regarding Our Files

Unless we hear otherwise, we will reproduce your requested song in MIDI format as closely as practical to how it sounds on the file/sheet music/tape/CD you send us. That is, we will put in a rough vocal track (if one exists in the original) using an appropriate instrument sound, and we'll fade the song out at the end if the original fades out. However, we will cater to your needs:

  • If you're performing the song live, and do not want a fade out, we can make a definite "ending" to the song.
  • If you want any instruments removed from the sequence, be it vocals, guitar, drums, you name it, please specify. Some people find it helpful in learning the song to leave all the instruments in the sequence, then mute specific tracks later. If your equipment can't do this, we can send you multiple versions of the song; for example, one version with all tracks, one without the vocal track, one without vocals or guitar, etc. for only $1 U.S. per extra version. Just tell us what you want!
  • Our sequences conform to the General MIDI format. However, even with this standard, different hardware will cause some sequences to sound slightly different. We will work with you to ensure your file sounds the way you want it to on YOUR equipment. For example, if you receive your file and you need some tracks' volumes adjusted relative to each other, we'll make the corrections for you.
  • If you're unfamiliar with General MIDI voices (patches), please visit our GM voice page. For each GM voice, there is a sample in both MIDI and .wav format. If the two files sound different, please keep this difference in mind when the custom sequence you receive sounds a little different than you had anticipated. For example, General MIDI makes it difficult to faithfully reproduce a guitar sound, and there's not much Mountain Boomer can do about that!

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Currently we accept payment by PayPal, money order, by check using funds drawn from a U.S. bank account, or online by Visa card. If paying online, you will receive further instructions once we receive your order. 

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Ordering Information

Expect a 2 week turnaround time from the time you place your order to the time you receive your sequence(s). For fastest service, please email your order to

Please specify the format in which you want your completed piece(s).  Being specific as to what you want (tracks muted, for example) helps!

We will begin work on your requests when we receive your email. You will be notified when we begin work on your request, and will be provided with information on where to send your payment if paying by check, or how to complete an online Visa transaction. However, you will not receive your sequence(s) until we get your check or confirmed Visa transaction! You will receive email notification if your sequence is finished but we are waiting for your payment.

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